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Joe Pera Talks with you Season 2 Hair Dept head
Jo Firestone as Sara with Joe Pera Season 3
Joe Pera Talks with you
Joe Pera Talks with you
Joe Pera talks with you season 2 /wig styling
Do you take this man film poster
You tube red "Foursome" Key Hair
Jamie Brewer Hair only
Kat Kramer Paul Guilfoyle Hair only
Wig styling for Malibu Playhouse
This is why your still single
-Hair & Makeupfor lead actresses
The after party
Marriage of Inconveinance
Chimeras Micheal Ironside and Chris Coy
Do  you take this man?
Do you take this man
Modern Love Film Poster
Chimeras Kevin J Oconner
Lost and Found TV series
Maintenance Required
Diane from the Moon spirit award winner Mya Taylor
Maintenance Required Photo by Yannick Bellamine
Maintenance Required Actor Peter Tahoe Photo by Yannick Bellamine
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