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Christina Culinski
Proud member of IATSE 476 Union
Licensed Cosmetologist Since 1997

Transforming faces and hair into works of art is my true passion. Whether I'm creating a look for walking the beach, waking up in bed, working in an office, or falling down a cliff, I approach each job with the experience and knowledge I have gained over the past 20+ years in the industry.

I have had the privilege of working with multi-ethnic faces and hair styles and know how to do them all. And knowing that wigs are often required, I have educated myself in the various types so I am able to procure the best quality available for the cut and style required, while working within the allowable budget. 

An actor's look must remain consistent from shoot to shoot and I have taken pains to develop a system to keep track of each and every makeup and hair style look. Whether the hair is wind-blown or over one shoulder, the lipstick is light or intensely applied, or how the eye-liner is smudged in a crying scene are all important to maintain the integrity of the film or shoot.

I show up daily, on time, with a professional and team-oriented demeanor, and having traveled the globe for my work, I'm aware that conditions are often challenging. My work has graced several magazines, films, advertisements and red carpet events. The lists below encompass much, but not all, of my work.

Red Carpets & Events

  • Academy Awards - Mya Taylor

  • Academy Awards - Green Room

  • Los Angeles Symphony - *Rachel Barton Pine

  • Golden Globes - Brendin Gleeson

  • Emmy Awards - Amy Nutell

  • Emmy Awards - Hugh Bonneville

  • Grammy Awards - Josh Ramsey

  • Grammy Awards - Rachel Barton Pine

  • Grammy Awards - Nicole Gonzalez

  • Vanity Fair Red Carpet - *Mya Taylor

  • Independent Spirit Awards - Mya Taylor

  • Various Movie Premiers - *Challen Cates

  • Falling Stars Premier - Drew Roy

  • Wallflower Premier - Ezra Miller

TV Commercials 

  • So You Think You Can Dance 

  • Smirnoff Vodka

  • Honda Fit

  • Boost Mobile

  • Old Navy

  • Sensa 

  • Just Fab

  • Lego

  • Kohler Department Stores

  • Neato

  • NIKE

  • Northern Trust "Life Changes"

  • Media Mob

Music Videos

  • Kat Dahlia

  • Rachel Barton Pine - The Violin Channel

  • Aluna George "Want What I need"

  • Leon Else "Black Car"

  • Ryan Tedder "You've Got Something I Need"

  • Nightmare and The Cat "Pretty Bird"

  • Salvador Santana "Till the Morning Light"

*Past Personal Artist

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